About Button Meadow Dog Day Care and Dog Boarding

I am Lora Saltis.  Button Meadow is my home.  Button Meadow Dog Camp is the dog day care and dog boarding service I run from my ground floor which I converted into a dog day care center in 2008.  It's a large cheerful room filled with benches, a daybed and a couch for the dogs to hop over, run around and lounge on when they're pooped out. The double doors of the center open onto a 400 square foot stone patio which again opens onto two large grassy play yards. There's  about a half acre of fenced fields. Beyond the fenced fields are 15 acres of open fields, woods and streams.  There's even a swimming hole.  The dogs on my off-leash walks love the daily runs to the swimming hole and back.  It's the highlight of our day.  

Button Meadow Dog Camp is a stress free, fun place for your dogs.  Beyond the basic rules of obedience and structure required to keep the dogs safe, dogs are free to follow their natures.  There's plenty of room for mellow dogs to stretch out in the field and soak up the sun or to curl up on a comfy bed and take a nap.  There's wide open places for the rambunctious high energy dogs to race and jump around with each other without running into the tennis ball chasers. I can also reserve a separate space for puppies and gradually introduce them to the larger group when they're ready. 

Dogs are happy here.

  • They have free run of the center and large play yards to do as they please.
  • My helpers and I are natural dog lovers who are experienced, loving and happy to be with the dogs.
  • I strictly limit the number of dogs to 10 dogs in day care and 5 dogs boarding each night.
  • Every dog that attends Button Meadow Dog Camp has a temperament evaluation and then is observed in group play with the other dogs.  If the dogs like each other, you're in.
  • The dogs are friends. They are members of an extended pack.  Many of the dogs first came here as puppies and have stayed through the years, enjoying lifelong friendships.

Dog day care is 100% door-to-door taxi service.  Since we're on the north side of Westhampton, about 9 miles from the centers of Florence and Easthampton, it makes sense for us to send a van around picking up dogs rather that having 10 clients each drive all the way up here every day.  So each weekday morning the Button Meadow Dog Camp taxi drives through Westhampton, Florence, Leeds, Northampton, Easthampton and Southampton picking up dogs to bring them to day care.  After 5 or 6 hours of play, the dogs hop back into the van and are dropped off at home tired and happy.  

If this sounds like the place for day care and boarding for your dog, call or email to schedule a visit.  We'd be glad to have you and  you dog join our pack.


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